Capri Anderson Will Sue Charlie Sheen

Capri Anderson Will Sue Charlie Sheen

This whole Charlie Sheen thing just keeps unfolding right before our eyes. Last Monday, Charlie hooked up with a $12,000/per night escort and porn star named Capri Anderson. Now, she says that she plans to sue the actor over his wild meltdown at the hotel.

Reportedly, Charlie was drunk and on cocaine when he went crazy in his hotel room, once discovering that his watch was missing. She was scared so she hid in the bathroom and notified hotel security. They called the cops and the rest is history.

She claims that Charlie threatened her during his tirade and also held her against her will, even though this fact was not presented when the police arrived to the room.

I wonder what’s going to be said next. Will she get a reality show out of this deal? Will she make gazilliions of dollars off of her newfound fame? Only time will tell. But we’ll still remember her as the chick who stole Charlie’s watch and got famous.

2 responses to “Capri Anderson Will Sue Charlie Sheen”

  1. linda loveslace says:

    Sue Sue Sue!
    To take that smirking grin off Sheen’s face!
    Milk it girl cuz in a month it will all be over and Sheen will be even more sought after than ever as an actor.It sucks but that’s how Hollywood works.Almost all of Hollywood film & TV moguls are Sheen’s age so…….get it?