Celebrity Dirty Laundry TGIF Laundry Links [08.13.10]

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld strolls around the St. Tropez, France area on August 13, 2010 e=with his model pals Sebastien Jondeau, Baptiste Giabiconi and a female friend.

Visit a few of our friends below to see what they have to say today (In Alphabetical Order) : 

Snooki Trademark Denied Over Children’s Book  AG 

Javiar Bardem Has A Man Crush On Brad Pitt  AH

Carbs and coffee and Champagne and cocktails: the diva diet   AYYYY! 

Teri Hatcher Gets REAL In The Bathroom (Fabulous Photos)    BC

James Franco Is Going to be in Twilight’s ‘Breaking Dawn?’  BSG

Karl Lagerfeld Out With His Pretty Model Boys  BBB

Kate Moss looking stunning for David Yurman  CFW

Christina Hendricks: Real Women Have Curves!  CHS 

Susan Boyle Is Also A Talented Balerina   CP

Big Brother HOH Winner August 12, 2010  CS

Dina Lohan on “Today” Show  DD

J-Lo weets About American idol & Is Super Unfunny  DIC 

Fantasia’s suicide attempt a HOAX?    ES

Kangoo Jumps Are New York City’s Hottest Workout and Newest Fitness Trend  FC 

15 Photos of Celebrities Making Out  GTS

Project Runway Season 8, Episode 3 Recap    HUH

Golfer Phil Mickelson Diagnosed With Psoriatic Arthritis – Takes Enbrel  HS

Jackson Rathbone @ Melanie Segal’s Teen Choice Retreat  INMF  

Halle Berry Pics  in Cape Town Working On Dark Tide  LG

The Big Lolbowski   LB

C Love + Brit = Gaga?    PB

Zsa Zsa Gabor Returns to the Hospital   PE

Stephanie Miller: Lesbian Radio Host (Photos)    RC

Fashion victim Ke$ha upstaged by dancers on the Today Show  S.Net

Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley Shows His Musical Side  SC

Bethenny Frankel crying in every episode of ‘Bethenny Getting Married’    TP 

Steven Slater’s JetBlue Slide Escape — Caught on Tape   TMZ 

The Duggars Ready for the 20th Child!  WF

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Image credit to Fame Pictures