Chat with Bethenny Frankel LIVE during the Bethenny Getting Married FINALE

As Bethenny (slowly but surely!) adjusts to motherhood, her emotions take over when she must leave Bryn overnight to head out of town on business.  With her new priorities, Bethenny is in tears as she heads out the door, leaving Bryn and Jason back in NYC.  Luckily, once she’s back the new family heads for a vacation out in Montauk.  Bringing along the whole crew, the baby nurse, Julie and Max, the trip is off to a rocky start when Jason and Bethenny realize they’ve forgotten a place for Bryn to sleep, along with many other essential baby items.  Join the group through the tears and the laughter of their first family vacation this Thursday 8/5 @ 10/9c on BRAVO’s Bethenny Getting Married?

Also, be sure to join Bethenny herself and the others during the finale for a live chat with them as everything unfolds! Got any questions you’d love to ask Team Bethenny? You can be part of the Bravo Talk bubble HERE  and can RSVP on the Facebook event HERE.   Hope to see you on the chat :)

The Worst Parents: Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy are on their first trip withthe baby and they forget to bring a few key items for the baby

Bethenny’s First Night Away: Bethenny Frankel is sad about leaving her baby for the first time.