Chris Brown To Work With Anti-Violence Charity

Chris Brown To Work With Anti-Violence Charity

Singer Chris Brown is still trying to do damage control over the beating incident with Rihanna. Someone in his camp thought it to be a good idea for him to work with an anti-violence charity, since he’s probably not doing so hot on the radio charts.

He was convicted of assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna last year, but didn’t have to serve any jail time. Since, he’s been a pariah in the media. He’s served his required community service, but the public obviously doesn’t feel it was enough of a penance to fit the crime. He needs some good PR! — At least, I’m sure he’s convinced of that.

He approached the founder of anti-violence charity, Man Up, Jimmie Briggs. Jimmie said, “I found Chris to be very humble, sincere honest and clear about expressing an interest in working with Man Up or an organization like ours. Chris is a young man, and he made a mistake. Some people may feel or not feel he hasn’t paid his dues, but he’s on a journey. We have to be supportive. My parting words to him were ‘Keep your head up.'”

I wonder how much he was paid to say all of that? Do you believe Chris has paid his dues?

4 responses to “Chris Brown To Work With Anti-Violence Charity”

  1. nope says:

    This is so ridiculous. First of all, he’s doing fine on the charts. Since, you know his last single has spent 9 weeks at #1. His current single is #12 on itunes. Stop trying to make everything he does sound so sinister and calculated. His team isn’t that damn smart. And how dare you disparage the charity’s founder as being paid to make those remarks. Are you really that bent on refusing to let this young man grow and make amends, that you’d tear down the honoree of that night’s events? And if Chris was pressed over PR instead of working through his issues, wouldn’t he have been trying this angle when his CD was flopping last year instead of now? You’re just pathetic and miserable.

  2. Dave says:

    I don’t know if you check your facts or not but he’s doing great on radio. His single was #14 on Hot 100 billboard. Spend #1 for 9 weeks on billboard R&B chart, he was #8 on radio hot 100 chart and is #12 on iTunes with his new single ‘Yeah 3x”. If you try to belittle a person at least do it with accurate stats instead of making some up. SMDH!

  3. Spreading Truth says:

    Ya’ll are wack! How dare you question a young man actually trying to change his life and possibly others!

    Of course when you are in the spotlight all that you do is questionable but why would he need this “good PR” as you say? If he was that desperate he would have pulled this last year when Walmart was blackballing his CD and it flopped!

    His songs are doing fine on iTunes. Deuces was a smash on Urban and R&B Charts and peaked #14 on Hot 100 so far. Takers went #1, etc. So I highly doubt he really needs to look good.

    Thats a shame. When he does something to benefit himself ya’ll question him. Would you rather him turn into Charlie Sheen or something?

    Lastly ya’ll actually believe that a founder of a organization AGAINST DV can be paid off by Chris Brown or his people? I don’t think the founder would be that sick. No one would say such things unless they meant it! Smh.

    P.S. No offense but Chris Brown and his PR team aren’t that smart. Let the man be great!

  4. Spreading Truth says:

    One last thing. Has he not gotten all favorable progress reports when going back to court from the judge stating his progress? Its not impossible he is trying to change. Its a better attempt than most men would do.