Clearly Out Of Her Mind…Kirstie Alley Says Getting Fat Was “The Greatest Thing In The World”

The 59-year-old actress – whose weight has fluctuated over the years – recently piled on the pounds again and while she didn’t like the results, she had lots of fun doing it.  She said: "It was the greatest thing in the world getting fat. Every meal out was an event. We’d go to Italy and have pasta, truffles and dessert and then plan the next incredible meal. It was a happy-go-lucky time. I never had so much fun."

However, when Kirstie – who proudly displayed her 75lbs weight-loss in 2006 by wearing a bikini on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ – tipped the scales at 230lbs, she felt "disgusted".   She told Ladies’ Home Journal magazine: "It was insane. I’m disgusted with myself! I let myself down and, worse than that, I let other people down. People were looking up to me for losing all that weight and then I went and got all chub on them."

Despite her ever-expanding figure, the ‘Look Who’s Talking’ star admits she was in denial about how bad she looked.   She said: "When we get fat, we fool ourselves with every kind of lie imaginable. By 2008, my weight started creeping up and I said, ‘Oh, I still look good at 150. I still look good at 155. I still look okay at 165. Some of my clothes still fit at 175. And nobody was saying ‘You’re fat.’ I was like a bank robber who was getting away with it."  Photo: Fame Pictures