Country Music Star Breaks His Silence

Country music artist, Mindy McCready, has managed to stay in the news through appearances on “Celebrity Rehab” and media stories in regard to her past relationships with men.  One of those men, a former boyfriend, has decided to make a statement. He is country singer/songwriter, Billy McKnight. 

“I stayed silent for years even though there were bad references to my character when I was mentioned in the same breath with Mindy,” stated Billy.   “It’s bothersome, however, to still hear derogatory remarks about our relationship after being apart for so many years.  “I thought things were settled the last time we were in court. The allegations against me were so absurd that the presiding judge relieved me of any and all previous obligations to the court in regard to prior charges against me from Mindy. “I do not wish Mindy ill; I sincerely hope that Mindy gets the help that she needs, which in my opinion, is treatment to overcome her self-inflicted abuse. “In the end, our relationship was a looking glass through which I could see my life. I knew that I had to make changes and head into a different direction; for that, I am grateful to Mindy.

Billy McKnight has indeed moved on and is now in a good place. He has grown into a great parent and now handles the lead vocals for a new band called Soul Circus Cowboys, a group exploding onto the national music scene.  After good feedback from the band’s song, “Love’s Like A Rodeo,” Soul Circus Cowboys has been asked to record more tracks.  To hear the song, click the link HERE

With great enthusiasm, Billy added, “I will be heading to Nashville soon to cut some new songs for Soul Circus Cowboys, and I’m in my element…I’m writing music!”  The legendary Henry Paul will produce the new Soul Circus Cowboys’ tracks for their label, Lofton Creek Records. For more information about Soul Circus Cowboys, please visit

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