Cowboys git a second chance on Amazing Race

Reality TV will never be the same without Dumb & Dumber, Jeff and Jordan, but we will just have to try and manage.  Tonight the teams leave France, Louie and Micheal are the first team to depart at 12:35 am and they must travel to the Seychelles, all teams are on the same plane.  When they arrive, all teams get a breathtaking view by helicopter of the island paradise. Once on the island, the teams deliver coconuts by an ox driven wagon or race with a giant tortoise, then search for a message in a bottle under the sea. Detectives Louie and Michael have won the last three legs and appear to be the team to beat but the catch up at the airport puts them back. Brent and Caite again find themselves at the rear of the pack, their constant bickering make Brent consider leaving the race. Steve and Allie arrive first and win a dinner, massage, $7,000.00 each and all the 7-Up they can drink. Jet and Cord left their message in the bottle and had to go back, this resulted in them arriving last – but they must have a horseshoe tucked in those cowboy hats because it was a non-elimination race. I’m happy the Cowboys didn’t have to leave! They’ve been so much fun to watch, and have such great attitudes.

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