Demi Moore Spent a Fortune on Plastic Surgery

Demi Moore Spent a Fortune on Plastic Surgery

The truth is finally revealed about Charlie’s Angels actress Ms. Ashton Kutcher – Demi Moore, 48, and cosmetic surgery and her attempt to stay looking young.

She spent over $300,000 when she turned 40 on a complete “makeover” including $25,000 on liposuction, $15,000 on breast implants, and $31,000 on facial work and lots and lots Moore – whoops more.

Surely when you’re a big celebrity maintaining your looks is a big part of the job, but the sheer amount of work Demi Moore has had done is unbelievable. Yes, her transformation may not have been as dramatic as Heidi Montag’s and the overall results may look better, but she’s still totally fake and that makes us sad. We love being able to look up to sexy, well-maintained women like Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep, so it’s disheartening when we learn that gorgeous women like Moore have not aged naturally or far from it.

Even better, the aging star spends over $140,000 per year to keep up her youthful appearance.  Frankly, she is a bit nuts – after all what is inside is still aging at the regular rate no matter how much replacement she does on the outside.  When she is 70 or 80 – does she want to look like she is 40?

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