Demi Moore to Write Her Memoirs

Can you imagine Demi Moore writing her own memoirs?    Will we have to read about how she trapped Ashton Kutcher into marriage when the poor lad was 27.   Apparently Ashton Kutcher attempted suicide when he was 13 – trying to jump off the balcony at a Cedar Rapids hospital – but his Dad intervened and saved him.   Where was Papa when he married Demi Moore?

Anyway, Demi has three daughters with her ex-husband Bruce Willis – her first husband was Freddy Moore. Amazingly, Demi was once a Scientologist and that pretty well tells us that she is both stupid and crazy.   She was cross-eyed as a child and required two surgeries to correct the condition.   Of course everyone knows that she couldn’t stop herself from posing pregant and naked on the cover of Vanity Fair.   What will she reveal in her memoirs… .  Photo: Fame Pictures