Demi Moore`s Cosmetic Surgery Revealed

Although Demi Moore denies bitterly ever having had plastic surgery or a face lift the top Hollywood surgeons say that is unlikely.   They say there is no reasonable way to achieve Demi`s youthful look without a face lift. The fact is that she has had a huge amount of skin treatment including Restylane and Juviderm, Botox, and fillers for her cheeks and brows, as well as laugh lines.

Dr. Larry Koplin a leading Beverley Hills Plastic Surgeon told Pop Tarts. “As a 47-year-old, she would be defying all laws of nature by looking so good without true surgery…”   Another high-profile Beverly Hills surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami also weighed in saying that she keeps certain key areas near her ears covered or camouflaged with earrings – and these areas are where we would see the scars and markings of a face lift.   Some rumors have it that Demi has had up to $3,000,000 worth of cosmetic surgery to counter the natural aging process.  Photo: Bauer Griffin

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  2. linda loveslace says:

    Well this isn’t a surprise to anyone I guess.Even to diehard fans of Demi like me.I’m even more biased ever since she replied to some of my Twitter comments last year that nearly gave me a heart atack and put a silly grin on my face that lasted about a week.
    I highly doubt she spent 3Million on cosmetic surgery.Not even Michael Jackson or Joycelyn Catwoman Wildenstein spent that sum on themselves.300K would be more realistic.
    Biased feeligs aside what’s wrong with a woman like Demi taking care of herself?How come no one or the press ever pose such questions or stalk the laugh lines of MEN like Michael Douglas or Pierce Brosnan or Roger Moore or even my husband uhh I mean heartthrob George Clooney?They’ve all have cosmetic touchups.
    Actually apart from probably touch ups I’ve heard that Demi is an adept of an exclusive French youth vitamin concoction or whatever that helps her keep her looks.Forgot its name but apparently its a fiercely guarded secret treatment used by many French actresses like Catherine Deneuve.Whatever!
    Anyway I can’t understand why so many people hate Demi so much.She’s not a saint of course but neither is she a sinner.

    • Robyn says:

      Nothing wrong with her taking care of herself. I imagine when I start looking a little “aged” I may take some measures as well. A little tune up here and there. “French youth” concoction gotta get myself some of that. Catherine Deneuve looks fab at her age…

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  4. Plastic Fan says:

    Demi Moore is a 47 years old and could easily pass for early 30’s.

    Now if only she would share her diet and exercise routine…

  5. kathy says:

    She shouldn’t have married Ashton. Demi is trying to hard to be 15 years younger because of her husband. So he doesn’t cheat on her.Demi will deny having plastic surgery because of her age.

  6. Bijouxcher says:

     she is such a bitch to deny plastic surgery.  Please Demi, grow up, no one at YOUR AGE could look like this without plastic surgery.  Also you do not even look the same.  Please, go take a good, long, stinky shit.