Devon James Says Tiger Wood’s Paid Her Not To Release Sex Tape

Devon James Says Tiger Wood's Paid Her Not To Release Sex Tape

Devon James the former mistress of Tiger Woods during his marriage to Elin claimed she made a sex tape of them both during one of their sleazy encounters.   Then she admited what the whole world knew – the Tiger Woods sex tape was a fake!   Now Devon and her husband Nick are claiming that the tape actually did exist but Tiger paid her off not to release the tape.  So Devon is now closing her website where she collected $19.99 from buyers.

“Our settlement is done so we’re not releasing a tape,” Nick told He claimed that the couple would have the settlement money by the end of the week.  But learned from sources close to the situation that there is no settlement, and there NEVER was talk of a settlement. Those sources, who are in a position to know, said Devon and Nick’s story about the settlement is pure fiction.

How ridiculous are Devon and her husband they have been caught in so many lies and inconsistencies?  Do they really expect anyone to believe this story?  They are just trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame.  Not that I am a fan of Tiger and his actions but in this case I hope he sues their pants off!

3 responses to “Devon James Says Tiger Wood’s Paid Her Not To Release Sex Tape”

  1. NeNe says:

    Okay, this disgusting, pig whore needs to just STFU, and go away. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOU OR YOUR SUPPOSED SEX TAPE. Your own mother even calls you out as being a lie. Please crawl back under the rock from which you live.

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  3. harold says:

    Why are you giving this woman a forum when it has been proven over and over that she is a well known liar.