Do you Have $25,000 To Donate To Mariah Carey’s Hubby’s Birthday Party?

Do you Have $25,000 To Donate To Mariah Carey's Hubby's Birthday Party?

Because poor Mariah Carey cannot afford a big extravagant party for Nick hmmm and because she is Nick Cannon is Mariah’s hubby after all – Nick Cannon  wants sponsors to pay out $25,000 for his birthday parties.  Nick who is the host of  ‘America’s Got Talent’ host –  has sent out a mass email asking corporate sponsors to pay for his 30th birthday bashes in New York and Los Angeles next month.

Nick boasted that confirmed guests include Beyonce Knowles and her husband Jay-Z, Demi Moore and her husband Ashton Kutcher, Will Smith and Jamie Foxx, the actor is bribing  promising any companies who assist with the celebrations – which are to be hosted by his wife – will receive tweets and exclusive photographs in recognition of their donation.

The e-mail sent said:  “This is an extremely exciting opportunity to sponsor a fun and lavish event. opportunities range from gift bags and signage to tweets and photo ops.”

How disgusting Mariah surely has enough money to pay for Nick’s party but rather than part with their cash they would rather get money from someone else to host a huge extravaganza party wasting 1000’s of dollars.  Here is an idea for Mariah & Nick – forget the party and have the donators donate the money to charity and give them a tweet for doing that.  I’m just saying….what do you think? .


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