Emma Stone Covers W Magazine January 2011

Emma Stone Covers W Magazine January 2011

Easy A actress Emma Stone, 22, graces the cover of the January 2011 W Magazine.   Emma who is nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in Easy A is one of the seven talents shaking up movies, music, and fashion in the magazine.

Emma says of her performance, says sex scenes are difficult. “Simulation of sex is a real workout. We must have done a hundred takes.   There was an oxygen take at one point. It took two days.   Simulated sex is really fun, but it’s not easy.”

Stone, who stars as Peter Parker’s love interest Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Spider-Man movie, tells the magazine she’s glad her looks aren’t her only attribute appreciated by Hollywood. “I would lose my mind if I felt like I had to be something like ‘the pretty girl,’ ” she says.

Source: PopEater

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