Good News Girls: Justin Bieber Would Date A Fan

Justin Bieber, the 16-year-old star – who is currently in the UK promoting ‘Baby’ the second single from his debut album ‘My World’ – admitted he would go out with one of his female admirers, but they’d have to make him laugh first.

In a live MySpace chat, which can be seen at, he said: "It’s whatever the situation is, if it happens, it happens. I think that I’m not going to limit myself.  "I look for a girl that can make me laugh, I like a girl that has a nice smile and nice eyes.”  

The Canadian singer has had three girlfriends in his life but admits none of them have been ‘The One’.   He said: "I haven’t been in love… not yet.”   The teen sensation also revealed 28-year-old singer Beyonce Knowles is his ideal woman because she is "super hot".   Photo: Bauer Griffin

8 responses to “Good News Girls: Justin Bieber Would Date A Fan”

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  4. Kalyn says:

    Yay!! I love Justin bieber!!! I want to be one less lonely girl!!!

  5. jasmaine says:

    justin beiber i love you

  6. Jamie says:

    i dont like justin bieber for his fame at all, no offence(: haha.
    i like justin bieber just because he’s all cool. like he doesnt show off his famousity, haha. he’s not like “hey people move, its justin bieber coming through!” he’s just all laid back and down to earth. i just love him for that.(:

  7. yeoubdar hailemariam says:

    hi jb all i can say is that… i want to make u smile in person. i like ur choice. i cant say nothing coz i am really in love with ya. wen i heard that u would date ur fan i just lost my mind. i love u not because ur fame. I LOVE YOU more than anyone. please lord make my wish come true.