Hilary Duff’s Wedding Dance Was Not How She Planned

Hilary Duff's Wedding Dance Was Not How She Planned

Hillary Duff, 23, made now hubby Mike Comrie who she married in August 2010 practice the “big” wedding dance for hours and hours.  As a matter of fact he even took dancing lessons so he could get it perfect.  Mike being the macho guy that he is did not want to- he believed they would do a good job without the lessons and practice.  However, on the big day the dance did not come off and the couple ended up swaying from side to side.

“[on the day of the wedding], my dress is so tight that once we’re making our way onto the floor and I’m like, ‘Hey — change of plans. We’re just gonna sway back and forth like middle school days. No dancing.’ And he’s like, ‘You made me practice for four hours! I’m doing the dance!’   “We’re having this full-on bickering fight before we go on and we’re just smiling, and I’m like, ‘Don’t turn me around!’” Hilary laughed.

Meanwhile Hilary has she completed her first novel “Elixir” which is available in bookstores now.  She is also filming her next movie “The Story of Bonnie & Clyde”.

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