Innovative Reality Site, PR Company Join Forces

In today’s world, "Help Wanted" sometimes just isn’t good enough.   Reality Wanted, a website that caters to a different type of job seeker, has joined forces with nationally-known PR company, Eclectic Media Productions, to deliver its news of opportunities for Reality TV enthusiasts.

"There’s ‘Help Wanted,’ and there’s ‘Reality Wanted,’" says Reality Wanted’s chief executive Mark Yawitz. "We feel we’re ahead of the curve."   According to Yawitz, Reality Wanted functions as an Internet job board for those looking to break into the world of Reality TV, a resource for TV show producers and as an exciting site for reality TV viewers.

"Users create accounts," Yawitz explains. "As in a job board, the user will have his or her resume, photographs, and other personal information that’s relevant. TV producers, in turn, use our website to find candidates to be on their shows. Our basic service is free, but for a few bucks a month, users can get some extra bells and whistles."   This is the 21st century, and television certainly hasn’t been immune to change. Reality TV programming is as hot as ever, and Yawitz says Reality Wanted’s popularity and traffic reflects that.

"In addition to casting calls, we also have the latest news in the world of Reality TV on our site," Yawitz says. "So we’re not JUST a place to go to look for exposure. Fans of reality TV can register, too.  "We are taking former winners of reality shows like Victor Jih of ‘Amazing Race’ and having them recap current programs to keep the viewers informed," continued Yawitz. "In fact, because of our constant communication with television and network cable publicists, we are able to provide quick information and feature exclusive pre-show interviews with current contestants.   "As an additional feature we will be adding new user engagement tools such as a chat bar."  

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It’s clearly a multitude of features within Reality Wanted that led to the new partnership with Eclectic Media Productions (EMP).  "Shannon Rose believes in what we’re doing," Yawitz says of EMP’s President. "He knows that Reality TV isn’t going anywhere."

To that end, Reality Wanted and EMP will work together, utilizing EMP’s resources and skills as a PR company, to market and promote the availability of a website where a different type of dream can come true.

Rose recently confirmed Yawitz’s assertion of EMP’s interest in Reality Wanted.  "It used to be that those with aspirations of being in the entertainment industry dreamed of singing or dancing or acting," Rose said. "But Mark knows that today, those aspirations now fall into another category."

That other category is Reality TV, where the unknown and the "everyday" person can suddenly be thrust into the national TV viewer’s consciousness.   Yawitz says that just like any other talent scout, Reality TV producers are looking for certain types of people.  "Depends on the show," he explains. "But there are specific looks, backgrounds, day jobs, etc. that producers are interested in. Diversity is always a big factor, too."

Yawitz says that the partnership between his company and EMP will begin immediately, and that soon people will read, see, and hear more and more about Reality Wanted, on the Internet, on television, and on the radio.