Is Demi Lovato A Lesbian?

Is Demi Lovato A Lesbian?

There have been some pretty racy photos leaking of Disney starlet Demi Lovato, but this one has us wondering. Is Demi a lesbian?

In one photo, she is seen with another girl taking her top down to reveal her boobs. In this photo, you can see that she’s seductively sticking her tongue out at the other girl.

What do you think? Is she a lesbian? Or is she just goofing off?

3 responses to “Is Demi Lovato A Lesbian?”

  1. Katie says:

    everyone needs to calm down about this, shes fooling around with her friends! they arent racy photos! everyone takes pics like this with their girls

  2. Lexi says:

    I definitely do NOT take pics like this with my girls.. of me pulling my shirt down like that..and I am a lesbian.. But I have to agree that I don’t think this qualifies her as a lesbian.. just a slut.