Is Miley Cyrus A Lesbian?

Is Miley Cyrus A Lesbian?

Miley Cyrus has been doing everything she can to make people see her as a grown up from racy video to smoking from a bong.  Now there have been some really racy photos of Miley Cyrus released but the one posted above makes us wonder maybe Miley is a lesbian?  The photos were released after her concert last night and her assistant that she is lying on seems really to be into her.  What do you think is Miley just fooling around or is she lesbian?

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  • So what if she is a lesbian? But i did come across another photo, and i was just wondering if she was or not!

  • Nevermind, I guess that photo is from a movie d: but whatevs. Miley Cyrus is sexy – well not without any hair she’s not!

  • mykia m. glover

    i dont think shes a lesbian she might do that on purpase cuz yall keep sayin she one……………………….now yall stop sayin shes a lesbian shell stop doing that stuff she be doing to them girls