It Was Restraining Order Day In Hollywood Today [07.20.10]

Both Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock got restraining orders sworn out against their alleged stalkers.   It was restraining order day in Hollywood.   Jennifer Aniston’s stalker is a man who was arrested after prowling around a place she frequents — and the man had a sharp object, duct tape and is considered violent.   Apparently he had spent eight days looking for her and even had  “I Love you Jennifer Aniston” on his car.  Sandra Bullock’s stalker wow wait a second just wanted to get the picture straight it is not her former hubby Jesse James LOL.   Sandy obtained a temporary retraining order against Thomas James Weldon, a man who has been stalking her for the last seven years.  Thomas has been sending her gifts and letters for years and apparently this is not first time Sandy has gotten a restraining order against him.  He has been in and out of Psychiatric facilities.  Sandy is trying to get a permanent restraining order against him.

Sometimes fame comes with a price.  It is never funny to have a stalker and the celebrities have to take it serious.  Stalkers have gone as far as  to kill celebrities.  Who will forget the murder of  actress Rebecca Schaeffer or singer John Lennon at the hands of a stalker.

Image credit to Fame Pictures

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