Jean-Claude Van Damme Has A Heart Attack And Shows why Steroids are a BAD idea

Jean-Claude Van Damme Shows why Steroids are a BAD idea

Imagine being a martial arts hunk – an athlete with a super physique amazingly muscular with low low body fat – and only 50 years old with millions of dollars to your name!   Well that was Jean-Claude Van Damme yesterday.   Today we see an older man who’s insides are corroded, who has a heart that has partially died and is forming scar tissue – it will no longer be able to feed his body with an adequate blood supply, he can no longer run and fight.  In one day Jean-Claude Van Damme has turned from a beautiful physical specimen the envy of all, into an old man, dying on the inside, who will never again be the hunky stud of martial arts films.   Yes, believe it or not Jean-Claude Van Damme suffered a heart attack one day after his 50th birthday while filming a movie in New Orleans.   He was admitted to hospital in New Orleans briefly before being released and returning to Belgium

And how did this happen?  Easy, in one word – STEROIDS!  Van Damme was a big anabolic steroid user and that was how he developed and maintained his hard, lean and muscular physique.  But when used excessively, as in Van Dammes’ case, anabolic steroids lead to swollen and stiffened parts of the heart muscle, typically the left ventricle.  This left ventricle hypertrophy leads to an inefficient cardio-vascular pumping mechanism and a vastly increased chance of heart disease.  The list of people who have had pre-mature heart disease as a result of steroid abuse is extensive and includes the great Arnold Swarzenneggar who had heart valve surgery several years after he stopped using steroids while a professional bodybuilder.
So let this be a lesson to all those young men who think steroids provide a shortcut to a stunning physique – they do – but they often cost you your heart’s health.  Is it worth having a bit larger biceps and a bit less body fat at the price of a major heart attack?   Obviously not!

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  • Jeffrey Alan Craig

    This is ridiculous. He’s FIFTY YEARS OLD! That’s far from young. Now if he were 25 or 30, that’d draw a bit of suspicion. But 50? Heart attacks at 50 are normal, for anybody, steroids or not. At the age of 35, any man is at risk of suffering a heart attack, and most of them never did steroids. He’s FIFTY! And even if steroids did increase risk of heart disease, so what? So does fatty foods, sitting down all day, caffeine and let’s not forget alcohol and tobacco. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the U.S., is the whole country on steroids, or is heart disease just pretty much, let’s say, NORMAL? 

  • Hellraiser

    This article is shit. Pure speculation otherwise stated as fact.

  • NY Yankees

    Come on where are the FACTS???? Huh , I want proof from doctors or someone give me indisputable Facts saying he took steroids and in doing so this was the cause otherwise. Do you think I’m so naive to Just Take your word. Yes, it can be your opinion or your personal perspective on him, or what you think is the cause. I think before you write this up do your homework. I believe in order to make an accusation you must have your information correct. Listen, Read what others have to say and not be so closed minded!