Jennifer Lopez Denies Being A Sellout For American Idol

Jennifer Lopez wants us all to know that she didn’t sign on to be a new judge on the upcoming season of American Idol just for that whopping $12 million paycheck. Nope. She did it for her children. Someone’s gotta think of the kids!!

Jennifer says that the paycheck attracted her to the gig, but now, she gets to be at home in Los Angeles with her two young children. Now that she’s home, she hopes her kids will get into an everyday routine.

She said, “We’re really happy that we get to be in one place with the babies. This is going to put us here for like six months. It’s unheard of for us. The babies can do dance class and soccer practice. We’re excited about being a little bit of a normal family for a little while.”

I’m calling BS right here and now. She did it for the pay. Duh. Captain Obvious rears his ugly head.

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