Jennifer Lopez Sued For $10M Because She Has ‘All The Money In The World’

Jennifer Lopez Sued For $10M Because She Has 'All The Money In The World'

Claudia Vazquez is the girlfriend of Ojani Noa who is JLo’s ex-husband.  She is trying to produce the much contested film  that features sexy and revealing home video shots of Lopez during her brief marriage to Noa.  Jlo has been in court fighting the production and release of the movie and winning! 
Vazquez has made appeals such as “I’m just me and I’m defending my career, my life,” and “It isn’t fair that Jennifer Lopez has all the money in the world. Why would she stop somebody that is so small for her?”
But she continues “If Ojani is not important in her life, why would she waste so much money and time doing this?” Then this “She [Lopez] is affecting my life, she is affecting my company, she’s affecting my work and mostly, my kids.”
Finally ending in a plea to Jlo “Just do whatever it takes and close the deal and make it happen. Just let him [Noa] go and let us make a movie. Talk to your advisers, talk to your heart, and let’s just stop this nonsense… please.”
Then she slapped Jlo with a $10,000,000 law suit that is sure to make JLo very UNsympathetic to Vasquez’s cause!
The point here is that Vasquez is liar.  She claims that all she wants to do is make a film about a Cuban immigrant’s struggle to adapt to America – and that is supposed to be Noa?  You mean to say that someone who marries Jlo is a struggling immigrant?  Give us a break Vasquez – all you are trying to do is cash in Jlo’s sexy and revealing presence in the home videos – your attempt is to make a bundle on the scandal of JLo revealed in ways that she prefers not to be seen, as her right.
If you want to make a story about a struggling Cuban immigrant, realize that you don’t need JLo on film to tell that story – in fact Noa’s marriage to JLo makes the entire idea of struggle preposterous – furthermore, the struggling Cuban immigrant story has already been done – and the movie was called  ‘Scarface!’