Jesse James Says “He Knows His Marriage To Sandra Bullock Is Over”

Jesse James – who allegedly cheated on the Oscar-winning actress with at least four women – recently left rehab after receiving treatment for sex addiction but knows he doesn’t stand a chance of winning his wife back.

After being spotted without his wedding ring, a pal said: "Jesse is finally admitting to himself that he blew it. The marriage is over and he only has himself to blame.   "His stint at the Arizona rehab facility helped Jesse understand what he has done to his wife and his family. He is a beaten man. Jesse removing his wedding ring is a big deal. As long as he wore his wedding ring, he believed there was some hope. Now, he is finally admitting to himself and everyone else that any chance of getting back together with Sandra is dead."

Since leaving the clinic, father-of-three Jesse has spent much of his time riding his motorcycle while he struggles to come to terms with the breakdown of his marriage.   An insider told PopEater: "It’s a good thing he likes being alone – because his bike is the only friend he has at the moment. Jesse still can’t believe what a fool he has been. He had everything in the world and blew it."

Sandra – who has also been spotted without her wedding ring – is said to be preparing to divorce Jesse after being unable to forgive him of his infidelities, which included an 11-month affair with tattoo model Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee.   A source recently said: "She needed time away to sort everything out by herself. Now, she is ready to stop hiding and start fighting back.   "It’s over between Sandra and Jesse. For a while, it looked like she was going to forgive him but not now. But way too much has happened and after spending time alone, Sandra has realised that she deserves better.”  Photo: Fame Picture

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