Jesse James Wants To Save His Marriage

The Lawyer representing Jesse James says that poor Jesse wants to save his marriage and that was why he checked into a treatment facility to work on becoming a better person.   What a bad joke.   If treatment facilities could make us better people then prison time would work in rehabilitating inmates – it doesn’t.   All the treatment facilities can do is to separate us from the immediate problem we face – a doper from dope, a boozer from booze, a sexual pig like James from sex.   We don’t go into facilities as though we were cars going in for a tune up and come out all better, with new plugs, clean seats, and well oiled. We go into facilities to hide – to get away from our real lives, to contstruct an artificial reality where we can be safe from the pressures that drive us to whatever our particular addictions may be.

As far as Jesse James goes – let’s have a look: he says he wants to get back with Sandra – well that is no surprise. If you had a choice between skanky Tatoo Woman who ruined your life and sold you out for $30,000 and who sleeps with every person she meets and even some she doesn’t or lovely Sandra Bullock – charming, intelligent, loyal, in love, and amazingly successful who would you choose. Now take Sandra – what in the good Lord’s name could she possibly want with Jesse James – a slimy piece of garbage who she should never have been with in the first place, lowlife that he is. Wise up Sandra and steer clear of trailer trash garbage in the future – Jesse James is pure white trash and he bears the name to prove it.

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