Kate Gosselin Makes Excuses For Her Two Children’s Expulsion From School

Kate Gosselin Makes Excuses For Her Two Children's Expulsion From School

Naturally Kate Gosselin would not simply say that she is lousy mother who let her brats run wild.  Instead she goes on TV’s Entertainment Tonight to say that Collin and Alexis, both 6 years-old were expelled because hey have too much pressure on them.  What a bad joke – who ever heard of 6-year-olds getting expelled?  What do you have to do at 6 to get expelled – it must be pretty horrid.  Must have hurt other children and that is mean and wrong.  Leave it Kate to make excuses for them and herself.
She told ET  “the pressure was getting to them” and that there is “divorce anger mixed in with that.”  Lots of kids go through parental separation and divorce without acting up so badly that they have to be bounced out of school.  Maybe if Kate paid a little more attention to her kids they would be less angry?  And if that moron ex-husband of her’s could stop acting like an adolescent run loose and be a decent father to his children than perhaps these poor kids would have a chance.
These kid’s problem is their parents – and the selfishness they display – children need their parents around lots in order to grow up and be stable and that is that. 

  • Kaye

    If OJ wasn’t in jail, she should date him then maybe we could get rid of her.

  • anon

    Her phoniness makes me sick. Can’t stand Fake Kate, I wish she would disappear.