Kim Kardashian Denies Chris Brown Dating Reports

According to recent reports, reality star nuisance Kim Kardashian has been dating singer Chris Brown.

It was reported that her brother Rob forked over the digits to Chris at a recent meeting. Kim took to her Twitter page to discuss the rumors, started by MediaTakeOut.

She tweeted, “As much as I’d love to dispute every rumor,some are so ridiculous I just can’t give them attention! I’d be on here all day tweeting! LOL….BUT I have to say, I literally laughed out loud at these dating rumors today! Come on now MTO. I literally can’t keep up anymore,not true!”

Did you really think that they were actually dating?!??

One response to “Kim Kardashian Denies Chris Brown Dating Reports”

  1. Lorraine says:

    Kim your no prize yourself. LOL about that. Why do you think your all that. He does have all of your requirements, Black, young and most important RICH.