Leonardo DiCaprio Will Marry Bar Refaeli, According to Emily Mortimer

The ‘Shutter Island’ actor and the Israeli model recently denied reports they were engaged but his latest co-star believes they are made for each other.   Emily Mortimer said: "I didn’t know he wasn’t married! I’m sure that he will, yes, and be very happy."

Leonardo’s good friend, Roberta Armani – niece of the late Giorgio Armani – also believes the pair are good for each other because they are so similar.  She said: "They are very similar. Not only do they look alike, they are both very lively and warm. No pretences at all."

Leonardo and Bar split last June but rekindled their relationship last November after he took her for a luxury holiday in the Bahamas.   A source said: "They stayed in their own villa. They were shacked up together all weekend."   Their break-up was believed to have been because Bar – who first started dating Leonardo in 2006 – wanted the romance to be more serious, prompting the ‘Titanic’ actor to call time on their relationship.

  • Dasche Bledsoe

    I agree that they make a nice couple. I could see them getting married.

  • linda loveslace

    That’s what they said about 3 times when he was with Gisele.Fatherhood seems to make Leo nervous in a commitment.
    Who am I to judge anyway.I HEART Gisele but I wish Leo & Bar all the best anyway.Eventhough Bar will never reach Gisele’s Ubermodel status she has a nice smile.

  • Rachel

    I mean really………People need to mind their own business, either they marry, or they don’t. So they look alike, that’s a reason to marry? So does she look like a man, or does he look like a girl??

    What is it with people? Over 50% of all marriages end in divorce, what’s the rush. Leo, take your time. Personally, she’s not the one, you’ve yet to meet her, trust me on this one.