Lindsay Lohan To Be Released On Bail – Judge makes a mistake!

It seems that Judge Elden Fox was in error earlier today when he refused Lindsay Lohan bail – in California people facing only misdemeanour charges must be offered bail and Lindsay’s charges are misdemeanors.  So the new Judge to hear Lohan’s bail plea, Judge Patricia Schnegg, overturned Fox’s ruling and granted Lindsay $300,000 bail with plenty of conditions including Lindsay’s enforced wearing of the SCRAM bracelet which tests for blood alcohol levels through the perspiration, she is banned from liquor stores, and from keeping company with known drug users.  The sick starlet is also subject to search by law enforcement at any time.  Predictions are that she will be free within hours.
It makes sense that Lindsay gets bail simply because her original crimes were no worse than misdemeanors.  It seems unfair that someone wind up incarcerated and in more trouble as a consequence of breaking bail conditions than they were for the actual crimes that got them arrested in the first place.  So given that Ms. Lohan can stay clean and sober and obey the reasonable conditions that the new judge has set, perhaps we can put this non-issue to rest and get back to serious news… like Mel’s battle with Oksana – LOL.

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