Lindsay Lohan Will Spend Turkey Day With Daddy Dearest

Lindsay Lohan Will Spend Turkey Day With Daddy Dearest

Lindsay Lohan who is currently spending time at the Betty Ford Centre for drug addiction was hoping to spend Thankgiving in New York City.  However, she has not managed to get permission to leave California from Betty Ford and therefore lucky Lindsay will be eating turkey with daddy dearest Michael Lohan.    Mommy dearest Dina Lohan of course will not be joining the two – that would mean Dina would have to put Lindsay first and not herself and that is not happening.

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TMZ is reporting: We’re told Lindsay will spend the day at a home where Michael is staying, close to Betty Ford.  Michael wants Dina and the kids to come out and spend the day … but we’re told Dina’s not biting.  So Michael’s Plan B is getting the whole clan together for XMAS.

I am not a huge fan of Michael Lohan but it does appear he is trying (I hope it is geniune).  Dina on the other hand refuses to participate in her counseling and bad mouth’s Michael any change she gets.  The family needs to come together for Lindsay and not constantly tear each other apart.  The more this goes on the more Dina is starting to look NOT like the saint she wants everyone to think she is.

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