Michael Douglas Goes To Court To Support Evil Son

You know, its odd that people hate drug dealers but if the life-sucking scum of a dealer happens to be your son then you run to court to try to get the death-dealing sociopath a reprieve. Michael Douglas went to court to attempt to get his son, Cameron, the best deal possible.   Why would Michael want his reprobate son back on the street as quickly as possible?   Does he think that his son’s drugs don’t destroy the lives of the people who buy them?   Does he think that now, after years of major criminal activity that his darling little boy is going to go straight?   Or does he just not care at all about anyone other than his rotten child? At least for the poor and abandoned there might be some excuse, however weak, to wind up a drug dealer but Cameron is a spoiled entitled lttle rat who deserves nothing but our contempt and long sentence.  Photo: Fame Pictures

3 responses to “Michael Douglas Goes To Court To Support Evil Son”

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  2. linda loveslace says:

    I totally agree with Jody!
    So Mikey’s feeling oh so guilty now?PUHLEEZ!
    He left Diandra & the kids for a girl young enough to be his daughter.Showing off to the world what a lucky stud he was.Pfff!
    And as for Cokeron he’s a waste of everyone’s time and it’ll do good to all parties concerned if he spends his next 10 years in jail.The spoilt brat was actually dealing drugs in his mother’s house while he was on ANOTHER probation!
    Mikey-poo do your son a favour and throw away the jailhouse keys.Cokeron must learn to stand for himself nd accept the consequences.

    • Robyn says:

      Thanks for your clever comments Linda and I guess we can say as far as the Douglas family goes – the apple does not fall far from the tree.