Michael Douglas Opens Up About Cancer

Michael Douglas Opens Up About Cancer

Michael Douglas is working hard to prove the haters at the National Enquirer wrong everyday! Last month, it was reported by the tabloid rag that Michael only has three months left to live, but he’s getting stronger and stronger as each day passes!

And good for him, too! (And us!)

Eight weeks ago, the actor completed his cancer treatment and he’s still looking ahead to his future. In a recent interview, he said, “I feel stronger every day. But it’s a long road back.”

During the Thanksgiving holiday, Michael took his family to Walt Disney World and spent time together with them. It’s obvious that he’s gaining weight and looking better these days, so we’re wishing nothing but the best for him.

A source close to Michael and Catherine said, “These things can either tear families apart or make them stronger. This has definitely made them even stronger.”

We hope he’s got plenty of movies still left in him! We look forward to everything he has to offer.

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