Next For The Lohan Family – Michael & Dina Lohan In Therapy

Next For The Lohan Family - Michael & Dina Lohan In Therapy

Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan have been at war for years.  According to Lindsay Lohan’s therapists  at the Betty Ford center Mom and Dad have to settle their differences to aid in her recovery.  Consequently, they would like to get the battling couple in the same room and see if they can put their daughter’s need first rather than their own.  One of the factors contributing to Lindsay’s addiction is her dysfunctional family.

Radaronline is reporting: Lindsay, 24, is working through some “very intense issues regarding her family, specifically, Michael and Dina’s contentious relationship.  “The fact that Lindsay took the first step and has been spending time with her father, for the first time in years, is very significant and important for her ongoing recovery. The fact is, when an addict has a supportive, loving family, their recovery is that much stronger, period.”

Can Dina and Michael Lohan put their egos aside and realize this Lindsay and not them?  Doubtful.  Michael is a media hungry douchebag and Dina is not much better.  What do you think will Dina and Michael ever learn to call a truce?

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