Michael Lohan Praises Daughter Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan just might be lining her daddy’s pockets with gold, because now that she’s underwent a little over a month of jail and rehab, he’s singing her praises. Weird, right?

When Lindsay was first tossed into the pokey, Michael was saying that she didn’t need to be locked up. He tried convincing everybody and their mother that she needed rehab for her pill addiction. Since she was tossed into rehab, he changed his tune, saying that she needed to be released. He flip-flops more than a politician.

He said, “I have a 100 percent faith that she will stay sober. When she was in jail, there were certain things that happened that really relieved me. I really believe that she’s got a connection with God again. I just pray that Dina can get on the same page with me because we both need to be there for her.”

He added, “I think from here on in, an important element is that people, places and things in her life have to be the right ones. She has to make sure she surrounds herself with people that care about her and not about the business and her career. I don’t think I need to be in her life when it comes to the business. I don’t think Dina does. I think, leave that to the professionals.”

He is speaking some sense, though. As much as I hate to say it. What do you think?

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