Michael Lohan Says Lindsay’s Mom Is “Just sick”

Michael Lohan “the sorry excuse for a father”  who takes any opportunity he can get to speak to the press says Lindsay Lohan will relapse if she is released from rehab early.   This dude needs to seriously go away and shut up.

Lindsay was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center earlier this month as part of her sentence for breaching the terms of her 2007 probation order – may not have to complete the full 90-day stint but Michael Lohan believes that would be a big mistake as he doesn’t think she is ready to leave. 

He said:   “My prediction is that Lindsay will get out of rehab early, probably still be on some kind of prescription drugs, she’ll go right back to work and go back to hanging out with the same people and everything will once again fall apart.   And this will only have been a band aid.”

Michael who Lindsay despises and  who is estranged from Lindsay – also hit out at ex-wife Dina Lohan for saying she wanted their daughter released early.   He told website RadarOnline.com: “Why does Dina want Lindsay to get out early? That’s just sick. What parent would want that?”

When Lindsay is released, Michael – who has three other children with Dina – believes she needs to have therapy with her parents, as he thinks it is essential as part of her recovery.   He said: “Lindsay needs family therapy with Dina and me…something that has been recommended by professionals for years but Dina won’t do it. It’s all about money and controlling Lindsay and the kids. Dina and I caused this and WE need to fix it as parents.”

I am not a fan of Lindsay but I have to say with a piece of work like Michael Lohan for a father and a mother like Dina no wonder the poor girl is so messed up.  What needs to happen is her father needs to stop talking to the press and her mother needs to start behaving like her mother and not like her friend.

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