Miley Cyrus Ignores Her Fans?

Miley Cyrus doesn’t really have time to greet fans one on one. So what does she do? She ignores them, of course. Of course, there are probably gazillions of people lining up to catch a glimpse of her or talk to her that she obviously can’t get to them all.

Miley is currently filming her new movie LOL in Gross Pointe, Michigan and some fans were eager to get her attention, but were sadly disappointed when she didn’t even notice.

Oceanup reports:

“Yesterday me and my friends drove 5 hours from Niagara Falls to see Miley shoot LOL in Grosse Pointe Michigan. As soon as we got there we saw Ashley Greene walk out of the set and she walked right up to us and was like ‘hey, how’s it going guys?’ She signed some autographs and took pictures before she had to go for a fitting.”

“As we were trying to find Miley near her trailer we also saw Douglas Booth and he just smiled and waved at us. Then Billy Ray came out walking his dogs and he was very friendly, saying hi to everyone. Miley FINALLY came out of the parking lot, with her back completely turned toward us.”

She didn’t even look or wave at her fans, she just kept driving to the set. I love Miley to death, she is my idol but I cant see why she just cant even wave at her fans. It was really disappointing considering we drove 5 hours just to see her, but it was really cool meeting Ashley Greene and seeing Billy Ray.

On a different note, it’s not like Miley asked those guys to come out there to try and talk to her…right? I kid, I kid. Of course she has to like the attention to a certain extent, but all they wanted was a simple wave in their general direction. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

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