Never Before Seen Kim Kardashian Playboy Photos

[photos removed]

Kim Kardashian is showing off her money maker for Playboy magazine in these two newly released shots that have never been seen.  NSFW After the jump!

The shoot is from when she bared all for the men’s publication in 2007.  When the photos first surfaced, she complained that she regretted the decision to pose nude. She even went as far as saying that her mother, Kris, pushed her into doing it.

Now that she’s almost 30, she’s not likely to get anymore offers like this one. So it’s no wonder why these pics are surfacing now.

Are you sick and tired of seeing Kim everywhere?!?? Sound off in the comments below!!

Update: We’ve got our grubby little hands on ALL of the photos from the shoot. Enjoy!!!


108 responses to “Never Before Seen Kim Kardashian Playboy Photos”

  1. SW boy says:

    Maybe she would have felt more comfortable if the Playboy photographer was peeing on her while snapping the pics?

    • Sydni Thomas says:

      Kim Kardashian is a prostitute! I understand a woman taking some pics where she’s showing a bit of skin, but at least keep it classy and sexy but she is practically a porn star!

  2. R G says:

    That is some SERIOUS Airbrushing—heheheheheheeeehe

  3. randy roy says:

    hate to admit it, but I would not hesitate to slip it to her. bend that bitch over a chair, grab that big ass and slap the meat to her beaver, then hang on for the ride of my life.  afterward she can lick my nutts clean!!

  4. Lawismary2000 says:

    Their grown women if they chose to let their mommy continue to whore them out – don’t blame Mommy Dearest.

  5. Celeste says:

    Sorry, she’s just a gigantic fatso!

  6. Sxyblnd2002 says:

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    • Anita Clift says:

      Your language indicates you are jealous of KK.

    • Notimetocry38 says:

      Go fuck yourself you fat American pig. Instead of insulting arabs go do yourself a favor and learn how to fucking write silly girl. You’re not a “sxxxyyyblnddddddd” you’re a mother fucking idiot! Go stuff your fat american @ss with greasy fast food! Stupid, american hooker! 

  7. JERRY_WAYNE2117 says:

    they dont need there show THEY SOULD ALL BE ON JERRY SPRINGER SHOW

  8. Parker West says:

    I wish the women who think a boob job is going to attract a better class of men than they are currently picking up, forget it. Look at the KK pics for your answer. I don’t know of one single guy who thinks this kind of hard, sliced half of a large gratefruit type phony breasts are a turn on, but a turn off. Maybe KK was thinking about fashion or wearing a bikini, and how too large implants would match her super large booty, but sexy is au natural not plastic.

    • Patrick says:

      Well you know one now…I think she looks fine , who cares if she had her breasts enlarged or not.  doesn’t bother me at all.  I like all kinds. big , med or small.

  9. Navyjetflier says:

    I, like almost everyone else are sick of this no talent slut. She was married and her and her pimp, I mean mother said she did not make a dime off of her 72 day wedding. She said she is going to keep the ring, her mother said she earned it. What the hell could this useless fat ass snob have done to earn a 2 million dollar plus engagement ring, plus the hundreds of thousands worth of wedding gifts. I hope everyone will join the boycott of this klan of gypsie whores.Do not watch their show, do not shop at Sears, just make them go away. She will go find another rich black athlete who will slide her some cash when he is bored and wants a sure thing. Her claim to fame was a sex tape and being the spoiled rich girl who was born into money. There are so many more famous women who are talented, better looking, and classier than the kardashian clan. A warning to all guys who have contracts for millions to play ball, use a raincoat, God only knows who was in there before you.

  10. Alexanderson49 says:

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    • lunchlady120 says:

      You should not be able to comment..really was that what you needed to say!

    • Maria says:

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    • Maria says:

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    • maria says:

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    • Lindsstrom3383 says:

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  11. ParisH says:

    Classy as an alley cat.

  12. sailboat says:

    Obviously this was before she got butt implants.

  13. Megan Hyman says:

    Really? Now that she’s almost 30, it’s unlikely that she’ll ever get asked to pose nude again? Wow. Enter the real world lady. Thirty does not mean that life is over as you knew it. Either you’re young and that is the reason for your ignorance, insecure with your own body, or just plain dumb.

    • Goliathce says:

      Thirty has nothing to do with it.  She will look like Dumbo in a few years (300 lbs of chewed bubblegum) and Playboy won’t have anything to do with her.

  14. Sylviabozeman says:

    She’s kinda chubby/cellulitey isn’t she?

  15. Rhowen says:

    what a beautiful body – is it clean? 

  16. Midgetpornslut says:

    looks like she should be selling tacos somewhere in tijuana ..
    photos are so ‘shopped to hell it’s hilarious for anyone who has had the misfortune of actually seeing this fat lil’ midget in REAL life .. the wigs , overly caked on makeup & stilts overstyled idiotic ass clown ..
    without shoes her fat lardass is a few inches from the floor ..ugh !
    people point & laugh & she pretends they’re fans !
    mind boggling ..LOL

  17. ohioh111b111y says:

    Kim actually looks better w/ clothes on.  totally unsexual without clothes….

  18. Poorme says:

    for someone who comes across as having such a sexy image, she really couldn’t be less sexually appealing.  She comes off as asexual…

  19. Softkitty1980 says:

    Kris the mother has made a prostitute out of Kim…shame on her…what a mother she is…but, Kim was OLD enough to know better…guess she likes to show her naked body to people…LOL…Hey Kim..You arent young no more….LOL

    • HardDog1980 says:

      I have no idea why you’re loling. nothing you typed was even remotely funny. No shit she likes to show her naked body for a few thousand dollars…shes hot. get over it

  20. jessie b from london town says:

    some, well pretty most all of the comments are really spiteful!!!! all i can say is JEALOUSY’S A KILLER!! if u dont like her, dont look at her, pretty much all women are dogs without make up. no mater who you are, famous or not?!!! so what if she likes wearin high heels or  doin her hair nice….most women round the world do that shit on a daily basis so why moan about kim kardashian???!!! yeah shes got it cushty livin the easy life…good luck to her…it just depends on what family your born into dont it??!!! shes got a body most women will die for! so to all you people moanin (i bet half of you are women)….. how bout u get ur fat ass of the sofa and get 2 the gym…then maybe you would look like her!!! haha

  21. maria says:

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  22. A new definition fo a sports RAG!!!

  23. sheree says:

    Kim will go down in history for selling her body & making sex tapes. What class this sick family has.

  24. LILgrandma says:

    Mom can’t do it nomore tooo old already !!!so she got she to do it now ! But mom can’t wait for the 2 young one’s to turn 18 to pose them too sorry to say that she is call a mother:( Poor old kim is getting too old for too many thing now!!!One day all the money in the world won’t help her it will make her a different person LOL!!!and a very ugly cuz she is getting there just like her mom!!! they think they run the world !!! that every body should run to their demands and some dumda$$e$ do LOL!!!Kim been trying so hard to hang with anybody lately plz stars stay away from her!!!!and she is so much in heat for the way she dress not sexy anymore buy very nasty and her boobs all out,do you really trust her with your man really!!!!!She is sooo easy so becareful!!!!YOU BULLY!!!!KIM

  25. Lindstrom3383 says:

    The Kartrashians are nothing but PIGS!!! Each is just as greedy,ignorant and ho’s as their stupid Kloe one of Kris Jenners “love” children?  Gee, with a new baby on the way and two H.S. kids, Kris will never run out of ho’s to throw on the tabloids.  What a pathetic sick family..if Bruce had balls, he’d stop all this b.s.

  26. Mandy says:

    Smh.. I’m not a fan of Kim K but reading y’alls negative comments makes me laugh. I’m sure she’s not the 1st naked woman y’all have seen on the internet before. Besides what’s up with the whole judgement thingy? No one is righteous, we’re all sinners. Remove the dirt in your eyes before you try to remove someone else’s. If she wants to have sex all day long, and pose nude it’s her choice. She’s only showcasing her talent, which of course is earning her a lot of money. Besides, it’s not like y’alls opinion matters anyways.

  27. Alissa DiCarlo says:

    I wonder if I give her that look will the panties be comin’ off? Cause I sure want them off! Mmmmmmmm.

  28. JONE says:

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  29. Siggie Blue says:

    We have seen this ASS over and over enough is enough let us know of some good causes Kim has done, instead of throwing her ass at our faces all the time. Probably she needs a stick like R Jay’s through her ass. Show us some talent not ass. This girl has no shame and makes no difference with a prostitute lining up in the streets.

  30. Kevin says:

    Ur smokin hot Kim luv u

  31. Justin says:

    Y u all making fun of those sexy pics ur just jelious that you can’t get none of it the three kardasions girls are sexy just get a life and stop hating on them

  32. Patrick says:

    she looks hot and sexy. I love it.