NJ Housewife Danielle Staub Adds To Her Empire

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey’s” Danielle Staub is expanding her empire … yet again – no she is not releasing another sex tape rather she is planning to launch a jewelry collection!  Danielle speaks to Too Fab about the collection:

“I want the crosses to be an insignia of just being close whether it’s a religious thing, or a relationship thing. It’s a nod to my song [with singer Lori Michaels, “Real Close”],” she says. “I already have the design of the cross. The cross to me is not gothic, but very sweet, big, bold and beautiful.”  The collection, Staub tells TooFab, will span the accessories spectrum. “I want to do rings, and I want to necklaces, but I want to keep them on leather or black rope. I don’t like necklace chains around my neck, so I’m not going to put them in the collection. I also want to do cuffs, but I want them to be adjustable.” As for earrings, Staub says she’s passing, since “I think they’ll be too heavy.”  Staub she’s hoping to collaborate further on the line with Versani, a 20-year-old fine jewelry house based in lower Manhattan. “Versani’s crosses initially caught my eye, and when I spoke to Versani the designer sketched a design that was spot on.”

I don’t know about you but I highly doubt I will be going out to purchase any of her jewelry collection – how about you?

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