Octomom Nadya Suleman Has Saved Her Home

Octomom Nadya Suleman Has Saved Her Home

It seems that Octomom has come up with enough money to keep the wolves at bay, for now.  Octomom who is working as a bartender had a garage sale to raise money and was offered jobs from Vivid Entertainment and Clips4Sale to help her out of her desperate situation. 

Amer Haddadin — the guy who owns the note on Nadya Suleman’s L.A. area property — tells us he had a “very constructive meeting” with Octo’s attorneys yesterday … they finally handed over a check for two months of back payments.   As for the additional $450,000 balloon payment that Octo still owes — Haddadin tells us he’s agreed to grant Nadya an extension … and the two parties will establish a new deadline in the next couple of days.

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This story is getting a bit old how many times are we going to hear “poor me and my children we are being thrown from our home?”  I suspect this is just a ploy on her part to get some sucker to pay off the house for her.  Just saying…….  What do you think?



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  • linda loveslace

    She’ll never be homeless because she has a goldmine…her kids!Sorry to say that but its true.
    Octomom would be a millionairess by now if it wasn’t for the strict child labour laws.Too much red tape forbade her to have that reality show which would have been a success I think.Its not too late tho.Octomom should really sit down and have a serious talk with her PR agent.If she calmed down her sometimes-strange behaviour & applied herself to serious projects she could add many zeros to her bank account.Hey those awful Kardashians did it so can Octomom.

    • Too true it is a mystery to me how those trailer trash Kardashian’s have made money. However, I suspect her woe is me is simply publicity stunts. Just saying….