Pass The Bullock And Let’s Blame Tiger

Poor Sandra Bullock – she wins the most coveted award on the planet and just days after her glorious moment sharing her crowning achievement with the world on live TV this year’s best actress learns that she was two-timed by that moron she calls her husband!   Even worse, the tatooed slut, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, claims that the affair ran for 11 months with Jesse James!!

So what’s the conclusion?   It is obvious – blame Tiger Woods.   His behaviour has made every male with low intelligence and an inflated ego (and that is about 87% of the male population at last count) yearn to cheat on his wife with impunity and preferabley with cheap low-life trash.  Photo: Fame Pictures

One response to “Pass The Bullock And Let’s Blame Tiger”

  1. Julia says:

    They both make me sick…but right now? Jesse James takes the #1 spot. There he was, tearing up and giving the quiver-chin for the whole world to see just 10 days ago.

    Tiger was cheating on Elin even while they were engaged…he never pretended to be a good guy…it was always about IMAGE with that asshole. We never saw Elin praising Tiger in public the way Sandra did with Jesse. Sure, Elin wasn’t in the same position as Sandra.

    Ick. My stomach hurts from all this crap…