Amazing Development – One of Ronni Chasen’s Assasains Shoots Self Dead!

Amazing Development - One of Ronni Chasen's Assasains Shoots Self Dead!

A man named Harold shot and killed himself Wednesday after being confronted by police investigating the murder of Ronni Chassen – who was gunned down gangland style while driving her Mercedes.
Beverely Hills Police say the suspect had been under surveillance for some time and they went to serve him with a warrant in his Harvey Apartments in Hollywood where he resides.  But when cops told him to raise his hands he instead shot himself in the head!  These cops must be pretty lame – I mean I’d love to see a video of this totally botched arrest – I’d get rid of these arresting officers pronto – they are obviously incompetent.
Cops either suspected Harold of the shooting or of being an accomplice – we don’t know yet – of course as a dead guy he won’t be much use in the investigation, will he?  Harold had already served time in jail for drug and firearms offences.
According to the L.A. Times Harold told a neighbor he was expecting a payment of $10,000 hmmmm?  Sounds like a hired hit to me.  And for $10,000 (only!) he was probably just part of a team and a junior member at that.
The mystery is not resolved by this event – in fact it deepens – who was Harold working with and who hired them to kill poor Ronnie?

  • NeNe

    I say that if she has a husband or ex husband, the questioning should start there.