Samantha Ronson Drove Lindsay Lohan To Drugs

Apparently Samantha Ronson is the one that drove Lindsay Lohan back to drugs. Well, she didn’t literally drive her there to get an eight ball, but figuratively speaking.

According to Kikster, it was driving Lindsay crazy when Sam took off to Cabo to be there for Nicole Richie’s bachelorette party.

Kikster reports:

“It was really annoying Nicole that Lindsay kept trying to track down Sam during her bachelorette party.” explains the kikster source that attended the event.

She continued, ” Both Nicole and Christina Aguilera told Sam to stay away from Lindsay. They told her forget about Lindsay and her drama and just have a nice weekend.”

Sam didn’t return texts or calls from Lindsay and it made her nuts. The kikster source reveals that this is what pushed Lindsay over the edge and back into drugs. She claims that Sam knows the power she has over Lindsay and it isn’t healthy. According to her, Lindsay won’t be sober until Sam is completely out of her life and Lindsay gets over her.

I don’t think blaming it on other people is going to do any good. Do you? That’s equivalent to taking the old Lindsay approach.

Do you think Sam is the reason for the blow Lindsay inhaled???

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