Sandra Bullock & Jesse James – Mistresses, Moving Vans, D I V O R C E?

Rumor’s continue to swirl and the news gets worse and worse for Jesse James and speculation continues as to whether Sandra will move or has moved out of Jesse’s  James’ Seal Beach, Calif., home.  TMZ is reporting that a moving van pulled up to Jesse’s home yesterday and were there for about an  hour.   The movers moved out a couch, a love seat and tons of boxes.   Jesse James mother Carol and his daughter Sunny were seen carrying boxes from the home as well.

Sandra has been keeping a low key and has been left devastated by allegations husband Jesse James cheated on her with at least four other women.  Speaking before the claims about the Jesse’s infidelity emerged, Sandra  revealed she is difficult to live with.    She said: "I’m not easy to deal with. I’m high-energy and need organisation and structure, so I’m controlling. I want everything orderly, and I need lists. I’m aware that I can be annoying.   "Unconventional. Nutty. I do everything 100 per cent, even my stupidest missteps. But I try not to blame them on anyone else unless I fully know it was their fault – and then I have no problem pointing the finger."  Hmmmmm that does not bode well for Jesse LOL….

Jesse meanwhile is suppose to be seeking him help in a "wink wink"sex therapy clinic receiving therapy and is desperate to get Sandra back.   Well boo frickin hoo to Jesse – you will go down in history not only "the most hated man in America" but the "stupidest one" as well.  Sandra has only one thing to do with this guy and that is kick him to the curb and say "Our D I V O R C E, becomes final today!"  Photo: Fame Pictures

2 responses to “Sandra Bullock & Jesse James – Mistresses, Moving Vans, D I V O R C E?”

  1. Daddyoh says:

    Moving Vans! Now I know why Jesse checked out of Rehab! He didn’t want Sandy taking his Swastika collection!

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