Soul Circus Cowboys Deliver On National TV

It was obvious to national viewers recently on “The Daily Buzz” (CW Network) that National Recording Artists, Soul Circus Cowboys, is a band destined to make a major impact on the country music scene.    The wide range and superb voice of veteran  singer, Billy McKnight, along with the harmony of acoustic guitarist, Dewey Buxton, captivated the nation when Soul Circus Cowboys opened with a live performance of their new single, “I’m Still Here.”

Soul Circus Cowboys showed their versatility with a second live performance when they rocked the studio and the TV audience with another new release titled “Cowboy Tattooed Attitude,” a track destined to become the band’s theme song.  The band not only delivered a second strong vocal performance but proved that they can rock with the best of them with musicians such as lead guitar player, Johnny Chromatic, fresh off a worldwide tour with Sebastian Bach.
To watch Soul Circus Cowboys perform:  Cowboy Tattooed Attitude – HERE      I’m Still Here – HERE

Legendary Henry Paul, former front man for bands like the Outlaws and Blackhawk, produced the new songs for Soul Circus Cowboys. 

“Billy McKnight is very tenacious,” stated Henry. “His aggressive interpretation of today’s music gives him a real chance of succeeding in the country music business.”  “As a record producer, it’s my job to help musicians succeed. I thought Soul Circus Cowboys sounded good last week during their first live studio appearance on national television.”

Although the members of Soul Circus Cowboys have known each other and occasionally played together over the past ten years, it was just recently that all six men decided to pour their experience collectively into a national band.
“This is genuinely exciting!” claimed singer/song writer, Billy McKnight. “Over the years, I have spoken with the guys about playing together and now it’s happening.”  “Soul Circus Cowboys has the experience and the cohesiveness to be a successful national band.”

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