Spencer Pratt Is Writing A Tell-All About Heidi Montag

What other way could you imagine to possibly spend celebrating your divorce than to write a tell-all book all about it? I guess that must be Spencer Pratt’s mode of thinking.

After Heidi Montag filed for divorce, Spencer is ready to give everyone what he wants us to think are all of the juicy details of their sordid marriage. In front of the spotlight, there were hamming it up and living the life of luxury cars and numerous photo opps, but he says there’s some stuff that we don’t know.

He said, “My last book, ‘How To Be Famous’, didn’t make the New York Times best-seller list because it was in the self-help section. This one is going to be totally different. I’m not holding anything back.”

SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t end well.

He is reportedly unleashing his feelings on their marriage and his former mother-in-law, Darlene Egelhoff. Snore. Sounds boring. Haven’t we had enough saturation with these two already?

Want to make headlines, Spencer? Try going away.