Taylor Momsen Exposes Her Boobies Again! [Photos & Video]


Miley Cyrus has recently been on the receiving end of a barrage of protest for behaving too sexually maturely when she still happens to be just 17 years-old and viewed by many as that cute Hannah Montana Disney character.  (NSFW photos & video under the jump)

Everyone, including certain parents groups, are giving Miley, who will be 18 on November 23, a hard time for her suggestive new music video.  Well we have a much better target for those concerned with underage sexuality and dangerous role-modeling and that is Taylor Momsen.  Taylor Momsen played cute little Cindy Lou in “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” 10 years back and now she is exposing herself most obscenely on stage in  New York and Toronto and anywhere else she can.

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In a testament to why underage sexuality should be avoided, she adorns the cover of the November/December issue of Revolver magazine, looking ever so sleazy.  She manages to appear far less wholesome than Miley and perhaps that is one reason she gets less flack than her.  Taylor really looks the part of a cheap slut, sad to say but what can she expect when she and her disgustingly abusive handlers are cleary striving to present her that way.  Just last week in Toronto at Bovine Sex Club, Taylor showed exactly where she is heading by pulling up her top just to reveal that her nipples had been prepared for the exposure by being taped over in black.  Just in case we might have believed that there was anything spontaneous about her performance, the taped nipples prove otherwise.

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Not to let a good thing go too soon she followed it up 3 days later in New York City At Don Hill’s on October 21 by exposing herself, pulling down her top and revealing her chest, looking for more outraged attention, which she naturally received.  Unlike Miley who at least has a decent level of singing talent, Taylor, the lead of The Pretty Reckless, has exactly zero talent and needs to resort to silly cheap pseudo-sexual flashes.  The poor girl looks like a burned out junkie and behaves like one as well.

Where are her parents?  Where are the standards that protect children, even willing ones, from sexual involvement?  You can say that she is 17; going to be 18 in only 9 months but that is meaningless – she might as well be 12.  We as a society have made 18 years the age of consent – the point at which we deem an individual capable of making certain choices, like entering the world of sexual activity.  This means that we need to protect and prevent younger people from this involvement or else what is the point of establishing legal limits to sexual involvement at all?  When other girls see Taylor at work here how are parents to prevent their daughters from copying her?  Worse, doesn’t this type of display encourage pedophiles and molesters to justify and increase their actions and thereby endanger other young girls who are not trying to gain notoriety in the public eye.  We have laws designed not to promote old-fashioned values but to protect people from behaviours that they might be biologically capable of but are not yet psychologically ready for.  We need to enforce these laws – and entertainers should not be allowed to flaunt them in order to sell more tickets and make more money.  The one girl who winds up date raped, or even worse, gang raped because she thought it was okay to flash her boobs at 17 because “Taylor did it at the concert” is the possibility that we must work to avoid

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