“Teenage Paparazzo” – Film By Adrian Grenier – Explores Society’s Obsession With Celebrities & Fame

The Sundance Film Festival is held every winter in Utah and provides the largest and most important venue for independent film makers to display their work. This year Adrian Grenier of HBO’s "Entourage" fame is showing his first film, "Teenage Paparazzo" in which a 13-year old camera wielding lad hunts and films celebs in the Hollywood area.   Apparently Grenier has written and directed something valuable here from what I read from people who have seen the film. 

Grenier’s film has a list of big stars and well known celebs such as Alec Baldwin, Paris and Perez Hilton (no relation LOL!), and Lindsay Lohan who appear in a film that describes itself as a documentary examining the celebrity’s relationship with society – people’s obsession with celebs and celebs obsession with fame.   It is not surprising that Grenier would be at the center of such a production given his and Entourage’s meteoric rise to superstardom over the past few years. In fact the theme of the interactive obsessive quality of celebs relationship to society are a core component of the excellent series.   We wish Grenier great success with his venture.  Photo: Flynet Pictures