The Brittany Murphy Foundation Is No Charity!

A supposed charity launched by Brittany Murphy’s widower Simon Monjack and her mom Sharon Murphy is not what is seems to be.  The charity is suppose to be a charity dedicated to arts education for children.  For a charity to be a charity it has to be registered as such with the IRS or the state of California.  Now they have been soliciting money by several websites and by law any foundation soliciting money has to disclose the fact that it is not registered as a nonprofit..

TMZ called the foundation to find out about this and the website was take down for maintenance shortly after.  Something seems fishy here to me – Simon could have waited to get the papers filed before he started this – what was the hurry.   Simon really seems like a lowlife maybe the reason Simon did not wait is he wanted to line his pockets a little. 

  • Dasche Bledsoe

    There is nothing sicker than trying to make money off the deceased.

  • linda loveslace

    What’s also creepy is how this Montjack dude now has Brittany’s mother involved.
    How on earth did this guy cross Brittanys path in the first place is what I’d like to know.Okay she was no Meryl Streep but she had her whole life ahead of her to be one.Such a tragic waste of potential.In the meantime we still have Shauna Sand..!

    • Really creepy isn’t someone’s mom suppose to be on their side. Her mom seems to be teamed up with Simon and he is coming out to look more and more like a lowlife ughhh….