Tiger’s Mistress Loredana Jolie Blames Elin For His Cheating

Tiger's Mistress Loredana Jolie Blames Elin For His Cheating

One of Tiger’s many mistresses, Loredana Jolie, blames wife Elin Nordegren for his cheating.  Jolie says that Elin was cold and uncaring and was in the relationship just for the money.  Jolie is coming out with a tell-all book “Real Diary: Lessons from the Good Time Girl to Champion” that goes into all the sordid details of Tiger’s sex life.  You have to feel bad for Tiger at this point – amongst other details of his fantasies, Jolie says that Tiger liked watching other men having sex with her.  She also says that although Tiger paid her 10,000 British Pounds for their first “date,” she didn’t charge him after that for their next 20 meetings because the sex was so good and she had fallen in love with the golfer. 

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The book’s planned publishing date is next month – designed to coincide with the anniversary of Tiger’s car crash the night Elin put a golf club through his windshield.  I don’t know about you but it doesn’t seem to me that Jolie’s behavior reflects any great love for Tiger.  Imagine how badly Tiger would like to purchase the exclusive rights to this book!  A detailed account of the sexual frolicking and fantasies of one of sport’s most talented participants right there on the shelves for all to read.  Not only does Jolie go into detail about Tiger’s sex life but she also tells about his supposed addiction to sleeping pills and pain killers.  Oh boy – do we anticipate any legal action on Tiger’s part to suppress the book’s release? 

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Its really disgusting how everyone and her sister is attempting to feed of the sad tragedy that the marriage between Elin and Tiger became.  Books, sex tapes, articles, interviews, lawsuits, you name it – is our appetite for the lowest level of human activity insatiable?  Sadly it seems so.


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  2. NeNe says:

    Yes, and of course we believe every word this whore is saying. She is such a credible source, NOT!!!!!

  3. chris says:

    As I have said many times. Any celebrity, wealthy,married person who engages in an affair,needs to realize they have NO friends. And, to send texts and pictures leave voice mails is the ultimate act of stupidity. When you hear stories about the women saving 300 text messages,you should realize they have only one thing in mind. To benefit from the relationship, either by blackmail or selling the story. Monica L was a great example. She saved the stained dress for what reason? To benefit from it.

  4. NeNe says:

    Good point Chris.

  5. jenny says:

    What a slut, how can she know what went on in another persons home.
    She wants to keep her big gob shut, she couldn’t manage it with other parts of her anatomy.
    How any sane person would want to buy her trashy book is beyond me !!!

  6. linda loveslace says:

    Huh Elin was only in the relationship for the money?
    LOL this woman is clearly talking thru her vajayjay!
    Elin met Tiger when he was just a newbie golfer.She was so pretty she could have had her pick of successful men but she fell in love with a shy black young golfer named Tiger.He wasn’t exactly hot like Denzel or A-Rod but she wanted no one else but him.
    This Loredana woman’s trash with a capital C!