Justin Bieber’s Australian Concert Cancelled After Chaos Broke Out Among Fans

"The Bieber"  caused "mass scenes of hysteria" in Sydney after his followers camped out overnight last night (25.04.10) by the city’s Harbour Bridge in a bid to catch a glimpse of their idol.
However, authorities aborted his planned performance on the ‘Sunrise’ morning show after it became dangerous.

According to the New Zealand Herald newspaper: "A number of fans forced a crowd surge at 2am, with incidents throughout the night causing injuries and leaving at least 10 girls in the care of paramedics following fainting spells."

A spokesperson for the local authorities added: "Police at the event were concerned for the 4,000 excited people already in attendance with many more anticipated to arrive prior to the start of the performance.   "All those removed from the area have so far suffered only minor injuries and have been treated at the scene."

Canadian singer Justin, 16 – who was discovered on video website Youtube – was devastated by the cancellation and apologised to his devoted fans.  He tweeted:

"I love my fans and I am just as disappointed as everyone else with the news from this morning. I want to sing for my fans. I want to make this clear… I don’t cancel… I woke up this morning to the police cancelling the show for safety reasons.   "I’m very happy about the welcome and the love from around the world, but I want everyone to still remember my fans’ safety comes first (sic)."

One response to “Justin Bieber’s Australian Concert Cancelled After Chaos Broke Out Among Fans”

  1. Aubrey says:

    omg i cant believe that happened and Justin if You see this im sooooooooooo sorry this happened to you my friend said your going to quit singing and me and my friend Desirae were like ya ok no he isn’t i won’t allow that he is my one and only favorite singer and that won’t change for a really long time!!!!!!

    PS me and my friend Cheyenne love you Justin we really want to meet you i hope your mom feels better about what happened I LOVE YOU bye