Which Celebs Were Born On Your Birthday (07/22/2010)?

Happy Birthdays For July 22nd, 2010

David Spade 1965 Birmingham Michigan
Comedian, actor, regular on TV’s “Saturday Night Live” and new series “Just Shoot Me”, films include “Tommy Boy”
Zodiac Sign: Cancer – Ascendant: Cancer

Willem Dafoe 1955 Appleton Wisconsin
Actor, one of 8 children, once typecast as demented youth, films include “Platoon” 1986, member of Wooster Group in SoHo
Zodiac Sign: Cancer – Ascendant: Cancer

Danny Glover 1947 San Francisco California
Actor, films include “The Color Purple”, “Lethal Weapon” and its sequels, “Predator 2”, strong pleasing personality
Zodiac Sign: Cancer – Ascendant: Cancer

Orson Bean 1928 Burlington Vermont
Actor, witty entertainer, game show guest, films inc. “Anatomy of a Murder” 1959, “The Hobbit” 1977, “Instant Karma” 1990
Zodiac Sign: Cancer – Ascendant: Virgo

Bob Bergland 1928 Roseau Minnesota
Representative of National Farmer’s Union
Zodiac Sign: Cancer – Ascendant: Scorpio

Robert J. Dole 1923 Russell Kansas
Kansas Senator, declared candidacy April 14, 1995, Gerald Ford’s running mate in 1976 and 1988
Zodiac Sign: Cancer – Ascendant: Taurus

Charles Weidman 1901 Lincoln Nebraska
Dancer, one of the three leaders of modern dance revolution in the ’30s, with Martha Graham and Doris Humphrey
Zodiac Sign: Cancer – Ascendant: Gemini

Rose Kennedy 1890 Boston Massachusetts
Wife of Joseph Kennedy, mother of 9 children including John F., Robert and Edward
Zodiac Sign: Leo – Ascendant: Aries